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What is Environmental Audit?

Environmental Audits are very important, especially if we want a healthy and safe environment for your organization. Nowadays, almost everyone is concerned about the environment and its safety. Consequently, the organizations are under high pressure for minimizing the harmful effects of their activities on the environment.

Environmental audits provide your organization with third-party verification and reviewing of your environmental initiatives and improvements. The experienced environmental auditors of the particular certification body that you will choose, will guide you to work on maintaining lower energy and raw materials use, minimizing waste and pollution, and preventing risks of accidents and emergency situations. Your business operations will not only be environmentally sustainable, but it will also result to be more efficient and productive.

Benefits of an environmental audit:

 This helps you to safeguard the environment and preserve the natural resources that are very much essential for maintaining a healthy environment in your organization.
 It can also assist you to identify and address actual or potential problem areas.
 It can help your organization in reducing cost expenses and minimizing organizational waste and other activities.
It helps you to be up-to-date with all the required information to stay in compliance with the current environmental laws.
It helps you to prove that your organizational processes are totally environment friendly and assure environmental protection and safety.

Process of Environmental Audit:

  1. Fill the application form

You will be required to fill the application form provided by us. This form will seek information about the type of your work, size of your organizations, etc.

  1. Review of the application

Our operations team will review every aspect of your organization by analyzing the information provided by you. On its basis, we will quote the best price for you

  1. Performance of the audit

One of our auditors will visit your organization and conduct documentation reviews, walk-throughs, inspections, and interviews (as and when required).

  1. Report Submission

Based on the audit, the auditor will submit a detailed report of the same.

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