Intellismart Certified!!


Intellismart is operating with an ideology of converting all conventional electricity meters to smart meters. EESL+NIIF has formed a JV company intellismart. It will help build smart meters through BOOT (build, own, operate, transfer) model to expedite the deployment. Its focus is to drive efficiencies for DIS COMs, improve revenue management, increased billing efficiency and consumer satisfaction. companies smart meter is functioning like a global meter assets provider, also as an evolving knowledge sharing platform it acts as a key player in introducing financial and operational efficiency in this space.

Government of India plans to install 25 crore smart meters in the next few years, efficiency will increase by 100% and has the potential to increase DISCOM revenues by INR~1000 billion annually. Company is working with all stakeholders to procure, deploy and provide operations and maintenance for the smart meter infrastructure.

Intellismart has been certified by SIS certifications an ISO 9001ISO 14001ISO 45001 & ISO 27001 certification organization which give accreditation to ubiquitous fields.

ISO 9001 quality management system helps them with

  • better export system
  • Asset inventory will be reconciled on monthly basis
  • All the system owners shall share the details with help desk team to keep inventory details updated.
  • Cryptographic techniques will be used to protect data on removable media
  • A labelling mechanism shall be implemented to identify the classification of the information.
  • Business critical data will be encrypted whenever shared outside the project team
  • Use of public cloud drives (like Google drive, Dropbox etc) will be discouraged to share project’s data within or outside the project team and stakeholders.

ISO 14001 environment management system

  • As they have secondary Packaging product like box, Polyethylene plastic which causes land and air pollution therefore for proper disposal of them is needed, which is done by them.
  • Conventional meters are reused by descending to other users for protecting environment.
  • New users shall be created upon receipt of approval from departmental managers
  • Access shall be revoked upon termination, resignation, unauthorized absence or change of responsibilities as appropriate
  • Appropriate procedures will be established for the Backup and restoration of the project data
  • Near real time storage data replication will be ensured between DC and DR site to ensure compliance with RTO (4 hours) and RPO (2 hours) defined in the RFP.
  • DR plan shall be developed and reviewed on at least annual basis.
  • Effectiveness and operational aspects of Disaster Recovery (DR) site shall be tested via DR drill at least once in a year.

ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management

various team in respect to various cities are distributed who have proper knowledge and awareness to install meter, proper PPEs are used by the workers for their safety

ISO 27001 information security system

  • there is a population of 140 crore people in India and out of them 50 crore people data is present with then that is why for people personal safety they have achieved ISO 27001 which protect the information form hackers and others.
  • https should have SSL certificate installed using encrypted channels
  • Areas within office premise shall be accessible to people ‘need-to-access’ basis and with authorization.
  • External connectivity to network shall be authorized and enabled through secured VPN access.
  • The website owner/custodian shall be identified from inception till retirement and adhere to security standards throughout the development life cycle
  • The ability to connect with a specific web site does not imply that the users connected to IntelliSmart cloud network are permitted to visit the restricted site.
  • All people involved in communication transfer shall have NDA signed with the company.

Intellismart also wants to get accredited with ISO 41001 by SIS certifications

ISO 41001 facility management system.

  • Suppliers, third party vendors and Contractors (hereafter “Suppliers”) shall be
  • contractually bound to adhere to security and privacy requirements. All the security
  • policies are applicable to suppliers depending the type of contract.
  • Suppliers shall design the information security system and document policies and
  • procedures and take prior approval before its implementation.
  • Suppliers shall not make any changes without approval.
  • Suppliers’ remote access shall only be provided after approval by the designated
  • authority from IntelliSmart.

SIS Certifications is a certifications body which has been accredited with ISO 17021 by IAS (international accreditation service) which is a USA based board and IOAS international organization for international service which is a European board. SIS Certifications works in compliance with ISO standards. With a reach in 50+ countries SIS Certifications has given 15000+ certificate, they have 25+ years experienced auditors which helps in an easy flow of checking the flaws which means productivity are meant to be efficient.

Problems will come and go but SIS Certifications assures to be there with you. Our priority is customer satisfaction before and after certifications.

Getting an ISO Certification adds up a brand value to your organization although it is not compulsory.  We serve you with an experience which will help you build a brand value. SIS Certifications make sure that your system does not remain weak.