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SIS Certifications leading ISO Certification Body partners with our clients to gain sustainable competitive advantages in the market. Get a fast ISO Certification online for your business.

    SIS Certifications is one of the best professional and ethical ISO certification service providers in South Africa. We possess an adept team specialized in ISO Certification and Training. With an experience of years, we serve quality service in various sectors. We have a bucket full list of 10,000 clients across the globe in 35+ countries. In totality we offer Certification for 25+ International ISO Standards and other services including Safety Audit, Energy Audit, and Water Audit etc.

    The major focus of ISO Certification is to ensure that the organizations work, produce, and accumulate the goods, ideas and services according to the international standards. ISO Certification can help you achieve goodwill and prominence in the eyes of the customers.

    SIS Certification services ISO Certification in most of the major standards like ISO 9001 certification, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, ISO 50001, ISO 22000, ISO 37001, CE MARK, ISO 13485 Certification and many more. We keep ourselves updated with the day to day up gradations of ISO and serve the best ISO certification services.

    ISO 9001 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 9001 is the worldwide standard for Quality Management Systems. It is an international standard inculcating international procedures to the organizations. ISO 9001 Certification can be accomplished by all associations paying no heed to their size, type or nature in South Africa. ISO 9001 Certification provides effectiveness in the system. It ensures that the product is manufactured by the international standard and possess high-quality.  To thrive your operational and functional system, get ISO 9001 Certified. The standard will bring a number of fringe benefits to your association. ISO 9001 guarantees your items and administrations viably meet client and appropriate statutory and administrative necessities.

    ISO 14001 Certification in South Africa

    The major standard published to enhance the environment management system is ISO 14001. It is the central administration standard which notes the viable prerequisites for detailing and support of EMS. The standard maps out the organization’s way to control the usage of natural resources, reduce the negative impacts and guarantee legitimate consistency. ISO 14001 Certification in South Africa is applicable to all the organizations regardless of their size or nature. It indicates the inevitability to upgrade and priorities environmental sustainability. The certification directs the organization to be cautious while using natural resources and shall not deteriorate overuse of them.

    ISO 45001 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 45001 Certification is the globally accepted and adopted standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OH&SMS). To mitigate the variables which might harm the life of employees and contractual workers, ISO 45001 Certification is implemented. The standard mandates the organizations to formulate, implement and execute preventive measures ensuring health and safety. The ultimate goal and aim of ISO 45001 Certification is to initiate a healthy and safe working environment for the employees and contractual workers. compliance with ISO 45001 Certification can lead to a boost in productivity and profitability.

    ISO 22000 Certification in South Africa

    From farm to form, ISO 22000 Certification is constructive and fruitful in carrying out an effective food management system. The organizations accomplishing ISO 22000 Certification can demonstrate their concern on delivering quality and safe food. Once any organization gets ISO 22000 Certified, it will clearly mean that they have adopted an internationally running management system. Establishment of this standard can also help to lay out the capacity to avoid hazardous components during the production of food. The standard is apt for both large and small food based organizations. The norms of the standard educate organizations to monitor their system timely and add required improvements to it.

    ISO 27001 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 27001- Information Security Management Standard has been specially published to protect the information possessed by an organization. The standard acts as a critical tool for focusing on security from virtual threats and breaches. Holistically managing data security is the primary aim and objective of ISO 27001 Certification. This standard incorporates a normative procedure to deal with constructing, actualizing, working, and continuously updating up your ISMS. The standard also incorporates values of risk management. It works on three major principles namely- confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

    ISO 37001 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 37001 Certification stands for Anti-Bribery Management System. The standard accommodates the organizations with a set of statutes for controlling, addressing and monitoring bribery and corruption. The major aim of ISO 37001 Certification is to curb the practice of wanted bribes which might be disastrous for the companies. ISO 37001 Certification critically assists to guarantee the customers and partners that your business follows globally perceived and accepted regulations for hostile to remuneration controls. Also it directs the organizations to thoroughly check and verify trust in your internal procedures.

    ISO 13485 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 13485 Certification is the medical device industry’s worldwide standard for quality management systems utilized globally. Published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISO 13485 Certification is a powerful tool for meeting the thorough prerequisites for a QMS in the medical device industry. Receiving ISO 13485 Certification gives a down to earth establishment to makers to address the EU Medical Device Directive (MDD), the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR), and different guidelines, just as showing a promise of the security and quality of medical devices. It is mandatory to accomplish ISO 13485 Certification for the organizations dealing with trade of medical devices to other countries.

    ISO 22301 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 22301 Certification defines the Societal Security-BCMS (Business Continuity Management System). This is an international standard implemented to firmly enhance and efficiently run the operational system of an organization. The wake of any risk, threat or natural calamity might eventually interrupt the continuity of business. ISO 22301 aids to anticipate the risks and covers all the aspects for a business continuity management system. The standard helps organizations of all types and sizes to smoothly carry their functioning. To get certified with ISO 22301 in South Africa contact the team of SIS Certifications.

    ISO 50001 Certification in South Africa

    ISO 50001 is the standard for Energy Management Systems. The standard mandates the companies to execute, implement, adopt and monitor righteous practices for proficient use and utilization of energy.  ISO 50001 certification enables the organizations to pursue a particular structure that encourages them to accomplish constant improvements in the energy management system and its vitality of execution and utilization. The standard helps to build a positive image of the organization on their tendency to oversee chances. SIS Certification is the best ISO 50001 certifying body in South Africa. To get the quote click here.

    ISO 21001 Certification in South Africa

    The standard especially built to target the educational industry is ISO 21001. It reinforces the Educational Organization Management System. The ISO 21001 Certification corroborates the educational foundations to upgrade the fulfillment of students, educators, and different individuals through the powerful utilization of EOMS. The necessities of ISO 21001 Certification are relevant to any association that uses an educational plan to assist their education system. It accommodates the organizations with instructive patterns to revamp their education, learning and research and help in its augmentation.

    3 Steps to Certification


    With the help of SIS Certifications, the certification process can take as little as 40 days to complete

    Gap Analysis

    • Understand the prerequisites of ISO standards by analyzing each clause thoroughly.
    • Analyze your system for any shortcomings.
    • You may take help from any ISO consultant to get you through this stage.


    • Prepare the required documents, records, and policies
    • Create awareness among your workforce about the management system and its goals.
    • Assign responsibilities for effective implementation and maintain effective communication.


    • Perform internal audit and management review to understand gaps and practical realities.
    • Perform corrective actions to ensure the conformities.
    • Invite auditors from the certification body for audit and certification.

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