Manifold E- connect Pvt. Ltd.


A telecom product manufacturing company that has been established since 1995, has been working with an aim for developing India. They have achieved various projects since their establishment.

Manifold has successfully got accreditation with ISO 9001:2015ISO 45001:2018.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality management system

Quality management system focuses on Production process or say on the system, since manifold has defined scope of work which contains Manufacture, Assembly & Trading of Outdoor and Indoor Cabinets for Energy Meters and Telecom Transmission Equipment’s, Optical Fiber Cable Termination Accessories, Fiber Distribution Management System, Patch Panels, Joint Closures, Patch Chords, Splitters, Other Similar Accessories, Telecom & Server Racks, Prefabricated Toilets, e-Toilets & Shelters, Electronic Route Marker, Installation Accessories & Fixtures for Aerial Optical Fiber Cable and MANIZONE (Dis-infecting Chambers)  some of this requires electro mechanical process which requires precaution,

Regular training to workers are given to workers so that they understand the process and define their roles, operation control and planning are more systemized with better understanding.

ISO 45001-  occupational health and hazard management system

  • Medical surveillance is done so that the main heart of an organization(workers) are given proper medical care
  • corona test for employees
  • participation of worker was eminent, and worker’s involvement is more hence suggestion from them are always taken
  • process related hazard always taken
  • fabrication process makes lot of heavy voice that is why there are proper measures taken
  • for protection from infra ray’s pp’s are given for personal protection
  • powder coating areas are highly precaution.
  • workers also know about the work and how all the activity takes place
  • they have successfully achieved 9600 safe hours for 1 month
  • Labor do liter so awareness for that us maintained with training
  • Various license is what one need to maintained hence in it one of the requirement does occur of ISO 45001:2015
  • Fire fighters are mandatory and training for the same., water sprinkler system, cooling systems are also mandatory.

SIS Certifications is a certifications body which has been accredited with ISO 17021 by IAS (international accreditation service) which is a us based board and IOAS international organization for international service which is a European board. SIS Certifications works in compliance with ISO standards. With a reach in 50+ countries SIS Certifications has given 15000+ certificate, they have 25+ years experienced auditors which helps in an easy flow of checking the flaws which means productivity are meant to be efficient.

Problems will come and go but SIS Certifications assures to be there with you. Our priority is customer satisfaction before and after certifications.  Getting an ISO Certification adds up a brand value to your organization although it is not compulsory.  We serve you with an experience which will help you build a brand value. SIS Certifications make sure that your system does not remain weak.

A main factor that we need to understand is that a company’s process may change but product remain the same. Hence having one’s standards in compliance with international standards will help them achieve a stable process.